Buy YouTube Views, Get More Subscribers

I have a local band, and we have produced a couple of music videos for our songs.  In order to promote these music videos, I have posted them on YouTube and begun sharing them on social media.  Unfortunately, no matter how many times I have shared the videos, they have not gotten very many views.  This is simply because people do not automatically click play when they see a YouTube video on their social media feed.  Recently, however, a friend of mine told me that it was possible to buy YouTube views in order to build up your stats.  This did not seem like a very good idea to me at first, as I wanted regular people to view my videos, and I figured it was a waste of money if the views that I bought did not actually grow my fan base.  However, my friend explained to me exactly how it worked, and that is why I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

The better your stats are for your videos on YouTube, the more people will actually see the videos pop up in their feeds.  As long as you put the right tags on your videos, you will end up having people who are generally interested in your content see them whenever they log on to YouTube.  Because we are a thrash metal band, I made sure to always tag the music videos correctly in order to make sure that those who like thrash metal might be able to see the videos in their feeds.  Once my stats reached a certain point, my videos became more visible to the general YouTube public.

Not only have I gotten a lot of views on my videos, but I now have more subscribers than ever.